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ASAPlastics PolyPipe Manufacturer

ASAPlastics is a dynamic new poly pipe manufacturer, specialising in all types of plastic poly pipe (PE) including:

  • Poly pvc pipeLow density polyethylene(LDPE) in sizes 3mm - 25mm
  • High desity polyethylene (HDPE) in sizes 9mm - 125mm
  • Rural pipe
  • Gas pipe
  • Water pressure pipe
  • Custom made poly pipes

Custom Poly Pipe

  • yellow poly pvc pipecoloured
  • colour coded
  • fire resistant anti-static
  • specialty poly pipe for the mining industry

Direct selling to end users

  • Your poly pipe orders are important to us, please call.

Small runs - flexibility and diversity

  • manufacture pvc poly pipeDo you need a small amount of a special size? ASA Plastics is flexible enough to tool up quickly for small poly pipe runs.

Tell us your requirements and we'll see if we can make it.